Hi, I'm Zoe. After much soul-searching over the years, I have discovered that art, for me, is merely an expression of who I am. I have a number of interests (sometimes I think too many!!)--and after all, life is art. So when people ask me what I'm up to, it just made sense to post my expressions here. I hope you enjoy my sense of discovery as much as I do.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Peacock Sublime

Poster effect added; again I was pleased
(and surprised) with how this turned out.
Cropped and color corrected with Photoshop
Original Photo
There are a few things that must be in heaven as they are on earth, and as far as I'm concerned, peacock feathers are one of them.  What gorgeous art!  I am awestruck by the patterns and colors in nature.  This German peacock was very cooperative while I photographed his tail.  Maybe I am over-using the poster effect, but remember, I'm still experimenting, and I did really think that the end result was pretty cool!

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