Hi, I'm Zoe. After much soul-searching over the years, I have discovered that art, for me, is merely an expression of who I am. I have a number of interests (sometimes I think too many!!)--and after all, life is art. So when people ask me what I'm up to, it just made sense to post my expressions here. I hope you enjoy my sense of discovery as much as I do.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Is Landscaping Art?

One of three rock pavements, another easy weekend project!

 Arch Detail
It's for the birds.
Fountain of blessing (and impatiens!)
Memorial Grape Arbor (note the stone pavement).

 In memory of Junior.

 In Memory of Connie Schick.

In Memory of Scott Aton.
Can you guess what these were (before 
I hijacked them for yard art)?
Impatiens are also low maintenance and, quite prolific in the shade.  Their boisterous color transports me to the tropics.
A Mandala--symbol of wholeness.
The flower of sunworshippers--well, that would be me.
Crocosmia--minimal maintenance (but stunning--and sun-loving)!!
Notice "The Great Wall"--we built approximately 600 - 700 feet of them, all by ourselves!!  I used to joke that we built rock walls for a hobby.  (Actually, would you believe it was a weekend project?)
The question has arisen (for me) "Is Landscaping Art?".  This is because it seems like I spent most of last summer landscaping (and therefore had much less time for what might be considered "art").  However, one of my favorite artists, Monet (and others I'm sure), was a passionate gardener, so I like to think that I have taken a cue from him.  Not exactly Giverny, but the garden is one of my favorite places none the less, especially on one of our rare sunny days in the Pacific Northwest.  And of course, there is nothing like a garden for artistic inspiration!  More to come in 2012 . . .