Hi, I'm Zoe. After much soul-searching over the years, I have discovered that art, for me, is merely an expression of who I am. I have a number of interests (sometimes I think too many!!)--and after all, life is art. So when people ask me what I'm up to, it just made sense to post my expressions here. I hope you enjoy my sense of discovery as much as I do.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cape Disappointment Lighthouse

Cape Disappointment Lighthouse, Watercolor  (12" x 16")

Cape Disappointment Lighthouse (Original photo)

Lauren at the Cape Disappointment Lighthouse
I painted the Cape Disappointment Lighthouse in Long Beach, Washington, from a sketch I made several years previously, and without a reference photo.  Recently, I finally took my photo (above).  My niece, Lauren, says that "Cape Disappointment" is somewhat of a misnomer, since it is anything but. 

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